Dacia & Driver

Dacia 1300, a replica of the Renault 12, made in Romania, has been almost the only car that could be bought in the Communist period. Therefore 90% of the automobiles that were driven on the Romanian roads in that periode were Dacia. My parents had a Dacia, too, and when they we’re selling it, they would bought another Dacia. Only the color was changed, from white to green and then to yellow and so on. Although as a kid I didn’t bear the road trips too well from the backseat of the Dacia, I adored traveling by it. My family really enjoyed going on trips and so I saw a lot of the Romanian landscape being carried by the Dacia.

On the one side I try to revive these memories through the series Dacia & Chauffeur, childish and utopian memories of a time when people were equals at least through their car. And this equality made the car to lose its significance, the important thing was to whom or which place we were going.

The photographs in the series Dacia & Chauffeur were taken in the last two years, so 20 years after the ending of the Communist era. Today, too, Dacia can be found pretty often in Romania. But it’s no longer a sign of equality, but of inequality. Dacia is nowadays the car of those who can’t afford several thousands of euros for a better car.

The presence of the driver is important to me, this way I want to show my sympathy and respect toward these people.

All images, Transylvania and Banat, 2009 to 2012